What Is Your Motivation And If You Are Lacking It How Will You Get It?

belief in yourself

Without Motivation You Will Never Break The Cycle That Can Change Your Life You have to be able to put whatever it is that the cycle is when I am mentioning breaking it. Whether it is having a poverty mindset, failure mindset or just plain whoa ez me attitude, you need to break that cycle if…

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Setting Goals And Having Dreams Without A Clear Vision Of A Home Business Model For Your Family Is Disastrous

the power of vision

Having A Clear Vision Of A Home Business Model Is Absolutely The Key To Success It can’t be said enough about vision, goal setting, and having a dream big enough for your WHY, or a WHY big enough for your dreams… But you know what isn’t said, is how to keep it all in front…

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The Power Of Unlocking Your Unconscious Mind And The Value Of It

the power of unlocking your unconscious mind

Learning About The Power Of Unlocking Your Unconscious Mind It is truly an amazing feeling to be able to experience something totally out of the ordinary of your everyday thinking and actions. Learning about the power of unlocking your unconscious mind, and understanding the value of it is extremely important. If you are like me and…

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The Importance Of Having Patience While Being At The Mercy Of Someone, Can You Relate?

having patience

Having Patience Is Extremely Important When You Are At The Mercy Of Your Job   I now understand how important having patience is when it comes to being at the mercy of a situation or someone I had absolutely no control of the outcome. I love to always mention in my posts and video’s that I am…

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We Have Got To Take Personal Responsibility For Where We Are And What We Do

If We Don’t Take Personal Responsibility We Will Always Play The Blame Game I first heard a call that a man I know named Tony Rush did on this subject of needing to take personal responsibility, from a download as part of a daily commitment to my personal development for my business. I have to tell…

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Have You Been Sharing Dreams With Your Loved Ones To Help Them To Believe?

  Sharing Dreams Is A Sure Way To Get Others To Start Dreaming Too When I talk about sharing dreams, I am not talking about the dreams you have when you are sleeping, I’m talking about the dreams that you have when you are dreaming about a better future for your family as well as for…

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Will Reading Personal Development Books Make You A Leader Or A Better Speaker?

Is Reading Personal Development Books One Of Your Core Commitments? I am not going to beat around the bush here, but reading personal development books is absolutely one of the most important steps to take daily in your business. It doesn’t matter if you are already successful or not, reading personal development books is essential and should never be…

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Are You Just Going Through The Motions And Accepting Mediocrity In Life?

Accepting Mediocrity In Life Is Like Giving Up On Life And Your Families Future I absolutely believe as a parent and husband that accepting mediocrity in life has got to be one of the worst things that you could ever do to your family. Of course that is just my opinion and belief, and the reason why I…

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Do You Think You Need A Internet Marketing Background To Start A Business Online Successfully?

No Background Needed To Start A Business Online Successfully I have mentioned before that to start a business online successfully you don’t need to have a background in internet marketing. In fact, there are probably thousands even hundreds of thousands of people who are building their businesses like I am, which is part-time while working a regular…

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Have You Ever Asked Why Not Me? Well Why Not You?

Asking Why Not Me Is Sort Of A Cry For Help With An Understanding   Asking yourself “Why Not Me” is not a way of saying that you will never get what it is that you are trying to accomplish. It is more of a realization of, or an understanding that there isn’t anything that is keeping…

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