“I Have An incredible Business Chance For You” – Errr. Hmmm.

An individual joined my e-mail list, and then sent a reply to 1 of my emails. She had never contacted me prior to, and she pitched me her business enterprise.

Does she actually have a “great business Opportunity“?

Well, the genuine question just isn’t about the enterprise chance … but I’ll let her email, and my reply, tell the story…

Hi Martin,

I’ve an awesome small business chance for you. Please visit my link and enroll.

http://www.[CompanyName].com/twowords My ID number is [XXXXXXX]

For those who work with me on receiving individuals to join my program, I’ll do the same for you.

Thank you,

[Real Name Deleted]

And my reply…

Hi [Name Deleted],

Thanks for taking the time to make contact with me – including putting my name in the best of the email. You’ve taken action, and that is the important to all studying, AND puts you into a very elite percentage from the population. Excellent commence.

So, for your e-mail content…

I do not like your advertising and marketing technique (U.C.E.* aka spam) so why would I join your business enterprise. If I copied what you do I’d be spamming folks too. Then if folks signed up from my spam I’d be teaching them to spam more men and women, and so on. Not superior.

In case you have built a significant team on these techniques please let me know. It is normally more typical that persons use these procedures as they get started in this market. It’s a understanding curve all of us have to go by way of. Ultimately men and women obtain that these procedures do not function in a relationship business enterprise like MLM – after which they either leave … or they figure out they ought to marketplace in a superior way.

Let me know which category you might be in and we are able to chat further. In this business you must be teachable. Is the fact that you?


Martin Russell

[*U.C.E. - Unsolicited Commercial E-mail.]

Now her company might genuinely be the “Greatest Organization Opportunity EVER!“, but she hasn’t approached me in a way that choose to discover.

My next step is always to educate her in attraction marketing.

Meanwhile, if I hear back from her I will update this post, but what do you feel of what I told her – too harsh, too soft, off track? Leave your comments below.

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